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Welcome to my personal web pages!

Hi there,welcome to my friendship page.I have built this page to expand my web experience. I have added new photos to the page, I hope you like them.
Today is the 3rd of April 2007 & we are looking forward to Spring, we are looking forward to new places & experiences.

I have updated my page today and added a few more pictures on the About Me link.Take a look and let me know what you think.Charles

If you would like to email me my address is


This me in my glory,sad eh! never mind we can't all be beautiful can we,being super intelligent is enough for me!


This is one of the beautiful deer that appear in our garden,nice isn't it!

The thing I like most about the web is meeting and talking to different people around the world,especially people who are sociable,like to discuss things and most of all to have a sense of humour.


I took this photo from the top of the Empire State Building when my wife Jean & I went with my daughter Jayne to New York in January 2003. We thought that New York City was fantastic! We would love to visit it again someday.